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How to Pack Your Skin Care regimen

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Yesterday I shared about packing cubes which are a MUST for organization, dirty laundry and saving space. TODAY I want to share with you how I solve the problem of taking your SKIN CARE products with you if you are carrying on or just want to save space (and not have an air pressure blow out which wastes product)

😍I re-use my jars of R+F masks, moisturizers, eye cream or lip serum and label them with sharpies. I also LOVE these silicon tubs as opposed to squeeze bottles because you can get out every last drop of product and they are easily labeled with a sharpie. This is just one example of what I have but I suggest you just peruse through the options on Amazon and find what you think works best for you!

MY FAVORITE tip is what you can do for TONER (if you are not using TONER for the love, please ask me about it) Put a bunch of gauze pads....the kind you see at the doctor's office, in a Ziploc and pour your toner in there. It will soak into the pads and you are ready to roll!

Never neglect your skin when traveling, as often we are out in cities, or being active outdoors and our skin needs cleansing and protecting. Always use sunscreen in your final skincare step such as my personal favorite from Rodan+Fields. Did you know that many foundations also have sunscreen and other ingredients that protect from the harsh environmental stressors? When I travel I love the lightweight coverage and protection of Radiant Defense. It is considered a "dermacosmetic" because it's good for your skin while still providing coverage. Great for teens too!

Happy Travels!


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You can find these by searching "silicon travel jars" on Amazon.



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