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Have it YOUR way. Using your gifts to be authentically you in business and in life.

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

One of my dearest friends is an amazing hostess. Her gift is hospitality. She swears she loves to host gatherings at her home where she pulls out all the stops. Whether it's a full meal with a beautifully set table, or her most recent happy hour where she exclaimed, "Oh I was so excited you were coming over because I have so many new recipes I wanted to try." (words you will NEVER hear come out of my mouth) She sat with us, and chatted, and would get up occasionally to bring out a new plate of food. She did is all seamlessly and with grace.



Not happening.

That would bring me into full anxiety, panic attack, sweaty, irritable mode. On top of that, the food would be bad and the mess in the kitchen.....well, we won't go there.

We are all good at different things. I had to come to grips with the fact that when she visits my house, we are ordering take out or making reservations. And that's okay. Or, as in the case this weekend, she and I went shopping and planned a menu and hosted a happy hour for friends.

Being with her is the most important part. I don't try to do it her way, because I am not her. Being together is the goal, how we get there depends on who is in charge.

And when it comes to business? Well, maybe you look at how I run my skincare business and say "No" because you think you need to do it like me in order to be successful. The truth is, if you do it like me it's not authentic. It won't work. People want to support and make purchases from YOU. The REAL you. Not someone trying to be like someone else.

If you ever decide you want extra income for any reason..... then it's YOU that decides how hard and how much you want to work. You run the business and I walk alongside you to support you and teach you the ropes. It is a simple system. Step by step we set goals and you reach them your way.

Yes, this photo is goofy and silly. I had to think on it a bit to decide it I would include it in this post. But, it is ME! It's silly me that found a photo I took that I sent to my son after I sold some of his clothes, and I think it fits perfectly here.

So think on YOUR goals and then we can work together to make a plan to achieve them! Be good to yourself. Make your own money. Save for a rainy day, travel, pay off debt, do good for others. The choice is yours!


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