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Chimney Cakes: How I discovered this yummy treat in Prague.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

I pride myself in researching before each trip to Europe. But, this year was especially busy for me, so I decided to just explore each country with reckless abandon and learn as I go. But I later found out that this yummy treat isn't even apparently "Prague-ish!" Prague was a fun one for me! I learned about light Pilsner beers, and also about the Chimney Cake, which I ate before I even knew its official name, Trdelnik. You see, when you keep seeing this funny spiral sign atop storefronts at every corner, and then you see people smiling and eating these interesting-looking pastries that you have never in your life seen before, you go, you find, your order and you eat!

I have to admit that I felt like a kid trying this pastry on the side of the street sitting next to my son. It was not as I expected. It actually wasn't quite as sweet or as light and fluffy as I thought. It was actually denser and bread-like. That said, apparently, there are "better" chimney cakes around town as I noted in this article. So take a read and maybe you can join me next summer, June 2020, in Prague as I go to this same place!



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