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Why Group Travel?

After one training trip with EF and three student tours under my belt, I am now partnering with another branch of EF called GO AHEAD TOURS. Group travel is a great way to save money, experience so much more, never wait in line and have everything taken care of for you by your 24/7 Tour Director.

Why group travel? I was never a fan of group travel, until my son and I were in Florence and after having done everything ourselves or a week we decided to pay $100 per person to hop on a bus for a guided tour. The second I got on that bus, I was hooked. Our guide was going to tell me everything I needed to know AND I got to sit there and go places we never would have traveled on our own. In one day we visited Sienna, a medieval town, Pisa and did a wine tour of an Organic Wine Farm complete with lunch and wine tasting. IN. ONE. DAY. We loved it so much we booked a tour for the next day for hiking and swimming trip to Cinque Terre. I never would have been able to hike down the hills, see locals picking grapes, have lunch in a secret spot or swim and boat in the Mediterranean if it weren't for that tour!

On and EF Go Ahead tour, our guide will take control of arranging our special meals, transportation, admissions, travel and hotel. Whatever you need, they are there to help! I have seen multiple instances where the EF guides go above and beyond to help. I’ve seen them grab cabs for tired people or sick travelers, they got me ice when my foot was hurting, they point out where the public restrooms are they will walk you to a restaurant they think is awesome all for the asking.

I hope you will consider joining our group this summer or any summer after that. Also, let me know if you have any interest in an off season tour.

Take a look at these FAQ’s and I hope you will join me next summer in either Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Prague or on my final student tour (adults are welcome) to Paris and London. Info and pricing can be found by clicking the pink tabs at the top of this website.

June 6-14 2020: Germany, Austria, Switzerland (Prague optional extension.)

How much does it cost? The base price for one person is $2749 with flights being an additional $1280. *Returning travelers receive a discount of $150 when you choose the automatic payment plan.

You may use airline miles when you may book your own flights from any city, but you are responsible for ground transportation to and from the airport and meeting up with the group on the first and last day of the tour. If your flight is delayed it is your responsibility to meet up with the group wherever we may be. If you book through Go Ahead then all of that is taken care of for you. *If you pay Go Ahead they can book a flight for your from any city if you wish.

Can I cancel? If you think that is a possibility then I recommend travel protection. Cancellation fees vary depending on how close we are to tour. I suggest being committed or insured! I suggest insurance anyway!

Does EF offer travel insurance? Yes! There are a couple of varieties and I recommend looking at the fine print to find one that best suits your needs. The best people to talk to are the EF consultants that can help guide you in your decision.

Are we doing the Prague extension? That is entirely up to you. So far, most of the group has chosen this option. You can also extend your stay and EF will book your flight home from any city you wish for an additional fee. You are responsible for everything once you leave the official tour. So if you want to stay in Europe for a while, you must book your own transportation and hotels.

Is it customary or expected to pay gratuities? Yes. Although there is no tipping in restaurants, we will tip $10-15 a day for our tour guide, bus driver and local guides. We will not pre collect for tips but we will “pass the envelope”

Are meals included? Only select meals as indicated on the itinerary are included. Those meals will be 3 course meals and mid to upscale eateries with beer or wine included.That means you can get to choose where you eat which is so fun!

What are the hotels like? Go Ahead books 4 star hotels for adult tours (for reference, I book 2-3 stars when we travel alone) These hotels are usually in the city centers which is great if you want to go out at night or just stay back for part or all of the day instead of doing the planned activities.

How many people per room? The rooming is set up for 2 people per room. If you are traveling solo, it benefits you to find a roommate either already booked on the tour, or grab a friend and invite them to come along. It is around $800 to get a private room. There are also family rooms for 3 people.

Do we have free time? Compared to the student tours there is a lot more free time. Typically there will be a guided tour or activity in the morning followed by free time to explore in the afternoon. The tour director will offer suggestions for free time activities or places to eat or shop. This is YOUR tour. We get you there and then you do what you want!

Additionally I will be booking my own excursions for our free time (although there is not much of it on this itinerary) that you are welcome to sign up for and pay me. I love suggestions so let me know your interests and I will look into it!

Are we doing the “optional excursions?” If we have 10 people signed up then yes, these will run as planned. These excursions are optional and can be added any time. These excursions look great and if we add them then we get the Go Ahead experience with tour guide and transportation. I will be offering some Viator group excursions during our free time as well and this is at your expense but should be a great way to use some of your free time.

You can learn more by clicking the pink tab for the trip you are interested in at the top of the website or contact me

Join us!



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