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Yes, I Vacationed Alone!

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

"You're going by yourself?" they said. "Yup! And I can't wait!"

I had this conversation several times with my friends and family. I completely understand their surprise. I mean, who would I talk to? Who would I eat with? Would I feel scared?

Ever since I was young, I've preferred doing a variety of activities alone. I have no idea why I'm like that. I know that I'm an "extroverted introvert",  meaning I extrovert very well, but it exhausts me thereby making me an introvert. I need breaks!

Social activities exhaust me. Teaching school exhausts me. Vacationing with family and friends exhausts me. I love all of these things, but they tire me out. So when my family recently went to Breckenridge, Colorado with a few friends, I found that I was doing a lot of the planning, organizing, packing and feeding a large group. And it was WONDERFUL! I loved it! Actually it is in my top 5 favorite vacations! But I didn't get to do some of the things I wanted to do and I was tired coming off of my cracked ribs from a bike fall. So, when we got back to Kansas City, and it was a million degrees, and I couldn't bike or get outside I asked my hubby if I could go by myself back to Breck for a few days. I would have loved for him to come too but that was not possible because of his work schedule.

He said, "YES!"

He knows how much I love to travel and research and explore.! So I was stoked to start my vacation alone. Adventures lie ahead for me!

I learned a few things too.....first and foremost, three days alone is my absolute limit! I couldn't wait to get home and hug my family. They are my favorites!

So here are my vacation pictures because words cannot accurately describe all of the fabulous things I got to do in 3 days in Breck........Alone.

Favorite Coffee Shop: The Crown

Favorite Restaurant: Mi Casa Mexican (try the green salsa) and Kenosha Steakhouse outdoor patio.

Favorite Hike: Sawmill Trail. It's easy and beautiful. Great for little kids.

Favorite chill spot: The River Walk with a sandwich from Clints. (Hint: Clints has a back door entrance along the River Walk where you get sandwiches. Grab one and take it outside to sit on a rock and watch and listen to the water. You might even hear the Breck orchestra practicing.



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