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To Buy or Not to Buy? How do I know if I need travel insurance?

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

We often ask ourselves, "Do I really need travel insurance?"

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

1) How much money would you lose if you needed to cancel the trip? If you booked on your own, what is the hotel cancelation policy? Did you buy non-refundable airline tickets? What if there is a delay or cancellation of your flights? Did you pay for any excursions? If you book a package with a travel agent, what is their refund policy? They often cannot refund just one portion of your trip.

2) What would happen if you had an accident or got sick on your trip? If you are in the US that answer will be different than if you are abroad.

3) What is the plan if there is a weather emergency (hurricane evacuation for example)

4) Travel insurance can give you incredible peace of mind. I remember many years ago being so anxious that I would get sick before a trip and not be able to go thus losing all of our flight money. Instead of thinking of all of the things that could go wrong, just ask the questions above. Had I had insurance, I would not have had that anxiety.

**A "cancel for any reason" policy is a great idea, but there are limits as to when you can purchase this. Usually it is within a few days to a couple of weeks of when you put down your deposit.

Your answer to these questions will tell you whether you need travel insurance or not.

The next question is, how do I know what company to use and what plan I need?

These are personal decisions which is why partnering with Travel Unrivaled has been so valuable for me. The companies that we recommend have been vetted and used by customers. You can hop on any or all of the three companies we use and choose the plan that works best for you. For more information or referrals, reach out via email at

Here is one option out of three we recommend:

*I receive a small commission

Enjoy the Journey!



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