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How it Started and How It's Going

2003......20 years ago we took a risk. We seized the day. We packed up a few things; some for a land shipment, some for a sea shipment, and we took off for a year abroad in Tynemouth, England. (About an hour and a half south of Edinburgh, Scotland) I was scared. The internet was barely a thing. The northern accent was so strong I felt like I may have well been in Greece! The customs and culture were different and I learned to accept my mistakes on a daily basis and move on. This was the beginning of my love of travel and other cultures.

The addiction to stepping out of my comfort zone and learning new things while (or should unsay "whilst") becoming world-oriented and not ethnocentric to the USA. We traveled to the continent (the rest of Europe) as often as we could using Easy Jet where the tickets were less costly than the tax. The entire fam flew to Rome for $600. I didn't know about travel agents or how to find one, so I learned. I read blogs by world travelers and took notes on where they stayed and what they did. I researched how to use the train systems in Europe and did a lot of cross-referencing to find the best fit for us as a family with two small children. I was the family travel agent! I designed and led our trips and learned so much in the process.

Since then I have led over 150 students and adults to over ten European countries and have learned so much in the process. Every moment has a story, every day is a part of your journey.

And since life to me is all about the journey, I am ready to jump into a new phase of life that allows me to take all of my experiences and help others travel to their dream destinations; wherever that may be. And the best part is that sometimes I will get to tag along! Some people will say they knew this day would come and I take that as the highest compliment!

I am thrilled to announce that I am joining the travel team at Travel Unrivaled as a Tour Manager, Tour Designer, and Travel Agent. Your trip, your idea, is my thrill to make happen. This is not your ordinary travel agency. Stay tuned, feel free to reach out and ask me anything, and enjoy the journey!

"At Travel Unrivaled, we are adventurists. Wanderlusts. Cultural Enthusiasts if you will. This is a mantra that is firmly planted in the foundation of Our company. We live by the belief that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. So, we’ve gone into business as “Wealth Advisors” so to speak. We operate with service standards that have a local feel, with itineraries that span a global scale. Adventure means something different to everyone, and we pride ourselves on tailoring each trip to create the perfect fit."



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