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The Power of "I Don't Want To..."

One of my greatest frustrations is when someone tells me that they want to travel with me on an international trip or join me in business, but tell me they can't. I offer solutions but those are met with resistance. It is at that point that I doubt their sincerity.

I want to but.......

*It costs too much (then save $50 a month in a cookie jar for 3 months and you have your startup kit or down payment on a trip. Have a garage sale, buy a cheaper car....)

*I don't want to bug my friends and family (if your friends and family are "bugged" by you then either you are doing it wrong or you have some pretty mean friends and family. You are sharing something you love like a restaurant or your favorite nail place. Not to mention that some of your best customers won't' be people closest to you)

*I don't have the time (you have time, it's a matter of how you choose to use your time)*I can't do what you do (great, because I couldn't do what you do. We have to be our authentic selves in order to be trustworthy)

*I can't do what you do (great, because I couldn't do what you do. We have to be our authentic selves in order to be trustworthy) but simply "I don't want to." Maybe they don't need the extra money, maybe they are content where they are in life and don't desire any extra community or encouragement, maybe they just love what they are doing or flat our aren't' willing to work to get to where they want to be. Maybe investing in something that is certain to grow isn't for them. That's okay! But don't give me excuses and then not do anything to solve the problem.

*I'm not a salesperson. Oh yes you are. You sell things you believe in all the time! Just pay attention and I promise you that you do.

I think it is human nature to want to give someone a reason for not doing what they are asking of you whether it be volunteering at your child's school, coaching the little league team, doing a favor for a friend, joining a business or taking a trip. And of course we don't want to say "No thanks. It's just not a priority for me," because that makes us feel selfish.People tend to relate to "I'm too busy" or "I don't have enough money". We have all felt that way about things that are not important to us. But think about the things that ARE a priority to you. I bet you aren't too busy or too broke for those things.

I ask you to consider being honest with yourself about why you are doing life the way you are. Really thinking about it and be confident in your choices. Don't feel guilty for saying no to something. Maybe that sounds funny coming from someone that wants you to say "yes" to a skincare business opportunity or a travel opportunity, but truly, it only works when you do. Doing something you are not invested in emotionally or financially is a waste of time and leaves you with resentment.

I am a problem solver by nature. If you really want to join me, whether it be on an international trip or with Rodan+Fields as a business partner, then I can help you find a way or challenge you to find the way yourself. Gang, i just spent an hour with a 26 year old single mom of twins. She has had a hard life. She was born into a tough situation and lost her mom just when most of us need a mom the most; when we have our own children. I explained our R+F compensation plan and I knew she could use an extra source of income that wouldn't take her away from family any more than she already was. She needed it. She said she wasn't a salesperson, but she also knew she could sell things she believed in and gave me an example of those times. She decided she could get over herself and her fears to do what she need to do for her family. She is deciding to make it a priority to change her life.

Financially, I promise you, saying she couldn't afford the business made sense to me. I even mentioned starting with just the $45 investment into the business with no products to get started and she said, in all of her savvy, "Well then I wouldn't know or learn about the products," This girl gets it! But what happened next blew my mind....

She took out her phone calculator and started punching in numbers. Within a minute she had determined that in 3 months she would be able to purchase a larger business kit. She had worked backwards determining that if she saved an extra $15 a week she would be able to afford the kit she wanted. She shared the basic, and yet very disciplined way she saves her money each day/week and month in order to pay her bills. I was gobsmacked. I told her that what she just showed me is precisely why she would be a great leader of her own team some day. If she can do it, anyone can. It just has to be a priority. And if it's not a priority, that's OKAY! Just own it. Honor it. Admit it.

When I was first approached about R+F, I wasn't interested. I didn't want to. I wasn't even interested in learning more because of course I thought I already knew all the answers. I also wasn't feeling like I needed anything else in my life. I was content. Until the day I realized that if I didn't seize this opportunity I might miss out and watch others take the leap. That was NOT going to happen. The minute I realized it, I called my friend and bought my kit. Two years later it is what is allowing me to retire early and have the time freedom to work on other projects.

Maybe you want to take a trip to Europe. Maybe you want to have extra money to take that trip to Europe! Maybe you just want some extra money for a housecleaner or to buy that pair of shoes or go out to eat more. Maybe your dreams are bigger. Maybe you are content where you are. That is all okay. Just own it. And for the love, if you ARE wanting more.....more time, more money, more community , more support, more travel..... ask me for help in reaching your goals. It's what I love to do!




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