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On turning 50

When I was 46 I competed in the Tri-Zou sprint triathlon and finished in the middle of the pack for my age group. I was excited at the idea of turning 50 and competing in the 50-55 age group thinking that being the youngest might increase my chances for earning an above average finish time. But as 50 approaches in a few days, I realize that my idea of "Rocking my 50's" isn't going to happen. It's more like "Hanging on by a thread, body broken in many places, and exhausted in my 50's"

Senior Night

It's been a rough year. We downsized a bit and bought a new (but very old) home and haven't sold the old house as quickly as we would like. We have a senior in a varsity sport that is preparing for college. I run 2 small businesses (which I LOVE!), teach full time and have had a few minor health issues. BUT (and they always say what you really mean comes after the "but") I know there is hope for the future. Because if you know me, you know I can't stay in the dumps too long before I pull up my big girl panties, suck it up and look for the positives. And there is so much positive!

So here is my list of the FABULOUS things about turning 50!!

Fabulous 50!

*I can write my own self help book about almost anything. *I don't sweat the small stuff.....unless I stub my toe. Then anything can happen. *I get to see my kids become adults. *I can wear a lot of hats: doctor, realtor, chiropractor, personal trainer, car salesperson, banker, therapist, Uber driver.... *I am confident in my views and opinions because they are based on real life experience. *I know that complaining and negativity are energy suckers and are not worth my time. *I don't care what others think unless they are mis-understanding my intentions. *I am confident enough to start my own business without fear. *I know my wardrobe and realize that quality, comfort and simplicity is better. *Dreams vs. Goals. I go for goals every time. I do my best to reach my goals and don't sweat it if I don't. *I'm not afraid to try new things and I still love learning! 📷Married 25 years!*I appreciate every pain free day whether it's knees, feet, stomach, back.... *I like vacations that earn me the right for a great dinner and margarita! Hiking, biking, is for me! *Naps are good. *Wearing less makeup looks better at 50 and it sure is easier. (Not chopping the hair yet though) *I take life less seriously, "oh well" and "bummer" are a regular part of my vocabulary. * I try to turn worry into action to solve the problem. If I can't solve the problem I pray. A lot. *I laugh at myself when I forget things or make mistakes. (Guaranteed lots of laughter!) *I've been with Jay for over half of my life. That is cool. *I don't get embarrassed easily. I've survived it all. I do try to limit embarrassing my kids still but that proves to be difficult. "Oh well." "Bummer" *I am pretty good at finding lost things because I know the weird places to look. *I know how to prepare for the worst and expect the best. 📷My "daughter friend".... Mom when I need to be and friend when I can.*I can get my taxes done and make it through the DMV with all of my paperwork! (Usually) *Being nice to people is always worthwhile. *I can evaluate my priorities and allocate my energy where it belongs. *I follow my "gut"/intuition more.

So maybe 50 isn't off to the best start, but I am certain it will improve and I will continue to be grateful for the many blessings in my life!




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