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Is Jesus Just an Afterthought?

Every spring I find myself in the middle of teaching a unit on Islam. But before I do that, I have my students review all that they have learned about some of the world's largest religions.

In 6th grade they learned about Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. They compare symbols, history, founders, and core beliefs.

This year on Good Friday, we discussed Easter and how this Christian holiday (full of Easter dresses, egg hunts and chocolate bunnies) is what separates Christianity from all other religions. It's a great discussion and I am going to miss it. Kids are smart. They have questions.

Do you talk to your kids and your friends about your beliefs and how they differ from others? It is so important that they understand the Easter memes that say "He is Risen" whether you believe Christ as savior, as I do, or not. And what do chocolate bunnies and hunting Easter eggs have to do with anything? Is Jesus just as an afterthought?

If we use language and talk so that only people from OUR faith understand, then how is that sharing the "Good News?" What IS the Good News anyway?

Easter is the foundation of the Christian faith. For me, Jesus, the Son of God, did what He said He would do. He gave the gift of eternal life in heaven to those who believe in his death and resurrection.

I know He loves all of us like a parent loves a child.

Happy Easter. He is Risen.




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