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I Miss You...

Typically, I welcome change. I get a little bored doing the same thing all of the time. Sometimes we all need a different day to day, a different perspective or an upgrade of some kind. But this empty nest change thing; it's just mediocre.

Sure, there are lots of positives! Movie night to see A Star is Born with the great reclining seats and a beer in hand, followed with dinner and jazz. Lazy Sunday mornings, walking to breakfast at Morning Dad Cafe,  a clean house...but I just miss them. I miss my kids. I miss them needing me. I miss their younger years. I find myself reminiscing way too much. And of course I know that raising independent, happy kids is literally my purpose. But I can't help the part where I am happy for them and sad for me.

I think I just need to take a minute and put some old pictures here. Just for safe- keeping and those days I just need time to sit and thank God for allowing me to raise Cameron and Hailey.



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