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"I can't even remember today!" (Lucerne)

Our first full day in Europe was so jam packed that it took us a while to remember all that we did.

Breakfast at 7:00, load the bus at 8:00....Drive to Lucerne for a short walking tour and free time. Stop at the market for snack, McDonalds for the restroom (the code is #1981 in case you need it) went to a few stores and then met back for a boat ride!

The boat ride was a 45 minute ride across Lake Lucerne to Mount Pilatus. The waters were so clear and such a beautiful color of blue/green. There were sailboats, motor boats, rock climbers, beautiful landscapes and well...there were clouds. But the temperature was perfect to keep us all happy!

We took the cog train to the top of Mount Pilatus. This is apparently the longest cog train in the world and our ears popping were proof. We went through tunnels, got close enough to touch the rock walls just outside the windows and saw our first glimpse of Swiss cows, complete with the largest cowbells I have ever seen! Once at the top, some of us went exploring outside, some went to get a latte and some went to the gift shop, but all of us really enjoyed it! And the trip down....well, that in itself was an experience!

The first leg was on a large cable car that was jam packed with about 50 people. We stepped off and were at another stop where Raoul, our guide, gave us the option to take a toboggan to the bottom and then ride back up.....which most of us did! WHAT. A. THRILL!!!!!! Cows about 1 foot away from us, a fast ride and then to get dragged back up to the top on the toboggan was so relaxing!

The next leg was a cable car for four with incredible views. We commented on how pictures just don't do it justice.

At the bottom we hopped on the bus again for a ride back to the city center where our group visited the Lion Monument and got about an hour of additional free time before we went to dinner. The other groups we were with opted to go back to dinner at the hotel, but not us! We were ready to have some fun!

*Cheese fondue

*Fabulous dinner and dessert

*Traditional Swiss music and entertainment with audience participation. Some of the boys were "busted" sleeping at the table, but truth be told, it was a long, fun day!

We rode a smaller "disco" bus complete with blue mood lighting, back to the hotel and I think it's safe to say that we have all bonded with each other and with our wonderful guide, Raoul.

It's midnight here and I am sure my writing is simple, and there are typos galore, but the important this is, that with 8 days left (or 7 or 9? who is counting?) I want to be sure to document our adventures! I am sure I left out something but when I have time to download photos I will.Until then join iTravel with Laura on Facebook to follow us!

Gute Nacht!




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