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10 things you can say to help your child when they are losing it!

Being the oldest child of three and knowing zero other older parents, I truly felt lost when it came to handling the job of parenting. All I had was what I knew from growing up, and what I would want to change. The problem is, knowing how to change it is not something we are prepared for ahead of time. We don't get a parenting class in high school or college. I made a lot of mistakes, and knowing how to handle a meltdown was not my strong suit. It was something I always thought I could do better but didn't' have the skill. So for the first four years of my first born's life, I would match is emotion or unsuccessfully try to put him in time out. Most of my parenting was negative and not coaching. I missed the mark, but it is my goal to take what I WISH i had known and share that with the next generation and with my own kids.

This article by ASHLEY SODERLUND PH.D. can be find in the Nurture and Thrive Blog on Mindful Parenting. It's worth the read!



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