• Laura Smith

How One Millennial is using Skin Care to Change the World.

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and was awestruck by this picture....

Follow Amy and OVI Children's Hospital on Instagram...links are at the end of this post.

My outlook on entrepreneurship changed as soon as I saw the profile of @amyhehre. I immediately started researching what she was doing.

Amy JUST turned 27 and a US certified Physician Asst., Kenyan Clinical Office, CEO and founder of OVI Children’s Hospital; a 24/7 medical family offering free, ice-saving treatment to critically ill orphans and abandoned children across Sub_Saharan Africa. YES YES SHE IS 27!!!!

She is also an incredibly successful R+F consultant who has donated a majority of her earnings to the care of their babies every month while also supporting her and her husband’s salaries for the first time ever after jumping in with R+F.

These images give me hope for the future of young people “millennials” and how they might serve our world.

In her words about R+F : “You guys, this feeling is unreal! I didn’t even want this opportunity at all! Honestly, I had no idea what it would mean for me. But I went in blindly and obediently , because God ALWAYS knows better. AND HE DID! It’s not Christmas, but it sure feels like it. ALL zeros on ALL credit cards for the first time EVER. When we first became missionaries I felt strongly that we should just live on our personal savings from Robs past work and what w made from selling our vehicles. In doing this, we could use 100% of donations to OVI Children’s Hospital for the treatment and care of our precious patients. Clearly with life and CHILDREN that ran down quite quickly and we had to call in the  plastic rectangles of doom. It was so defeating! But thanks for God pushing me into this wild, unexpected world of R+F, Cam not able to personally donate a majority of our earnings to the care of our babies every month and also support our own salary for the first time ever."

THIS! This is what owning your own business can do for you.

On a much much smaller scale, I have been able to donate to many organizations that I love. This month I get to sponsor the BIKE MS ride that Jay is doing in Houston, TX, in honor of my very best friend, Kris Cooper, who died at age 28 from MS. It's a hard pill to swallow to see your best friend die so young. Thinking of her now, as I look at Amy, at the same age, doing SO MANY things makes me know that Kris would have done the same. I don't know why she left earth so young, but I know that I will find out. And until then I will love using my .R+F funds to help others!!!

I am sure that Amy thought "Why would owning a skincare business help me at all? Isn't that a little vain? But look what she is doing because of this! So many people joining her and donating to her cause to help children. How many businesses do you know that can be used for such a purpose? You can own your own R+F business and use your income for whatever you want, big or small. But these stories will ALWAYS inspire me and be a part of why I joined Rodan+Fields.

You can follow OVI Children's Hospital, donate and learn more and see more beautiful images.

Instagram: @ovichildrenshospital



*This is her unique story, for typical results search RF ISD.