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R+F Q&A.....everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Curious about all this R+F jabber but there’s NO way you’re going to message me about it? Cool. I did the work for you! Here are ALL the things to help you know a little bit more without even asking!

Q: What regimen do you recommend?

A: Of course it depends on your skin type, but our REVERSE line is my forever love. It has completely transformed how I feel about my skin. I use the LIGHTENING regimen the most as it is helping to lighten my age/sun spots. It also helps with the overall brightness of my skin. ✨

Q: I can’t afford a regimen what do you reccomend?

A: Our Microdermabrasion Paste, FOR SURE.👌🏽

Q: What product surprised you most?

A: Active Hydration Serum: I couldn't figure out how this yummy smellling serum was going to help my skin but it helps the look of my skin IMMEDIATELY! Sometimes it's hard to be patient waiting for results, but Active Hydration Serum features a 3D3P Molecular Matrix that continuously delivers a moisture-attracting solution of Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin that defends against dry skin for instant, yet all day results. It has been clinically tested to increase skin’s hydration level by 200% after just one use and keep it there for eight hours

Q: What’s the best thing you ever purchased from R+F.

A: Hands down, my business kit. Over 50% off of retail and it literally included everything we sell. The income and opportunity and change in my confidence/appearance has made it one of my best purchases EVER from anywhere. Here's the clincher. I had originally decided to purchase a redefine regimen, AMP MD system and the day it arrived I realized that for only $200 more I could have ALL of the regimens plus so many other products AND also have my own business! So, I returned the products (60 day money back guarantee) and bought the kit!

Q: How much is this benefiting your family?

A: We receive 33% of wholesale on every preferred customer purchase as well as commissions on product sales from all of our teammates who are selling too. It paid for our daughter's senior trip to Europe with us, and also saved us when we ended up having two mortgages for longer than we wanted. I am also able to give more to charities and the most exciting thing is that I am able to retire early from teaching knowing that this business will continue to provide additional income.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

A: You return the empty bottles and I process your FULL refund. Completely risk free. That goes for every product and the entire business kit!! But chances are you will love it. Our return rate is less than 1% ! 👈🏼

Q: What if I am not a salesperson??

A: Great! Nobody wants to feel like they are being "sold", but people do appreciate the opportunity to learn about something that might be a good for for them. I am good at relationships, being kind, or talking about things I love. I love recommending my favorites of everything...you can see that by my blog posts. So why wouldn't I recommend the best skincare I have ever used and also earn and income? Those qualities along with the ability to gracefully take a NO is what has brought about my success—not some sales strategy.

Q: Is the market saturated?

A :30%

Did you know only about 30% of North America has even heard of Rodan +Fields and yet we are ranked #1?!? I had not heard of it until 3 years ago when my friend sent and email to our teaching staff about what she was doing.

We don't pay for big national advertising and we are no longer in storefronts. WE get the opportunity to share and earn from these products.

We are outpacing rivals. We are creating a culture of change in our industry. We are doing things differently, and it is creating a pretty darn unique opportunity.

Q: How do I decide if this is right for me?

A: You ask me! Just contact me through this website or at jaylaura327@msn.com or through Facebook Messenger (Laura Kerckhoff Smith). Reaching out to me only means I share the information needed for YOU to make the decision if it is a good fit for you. This is YOUR business and I work for you!


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