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Love and Lattes

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Last summer, Hailey and I began what I hope will become a tradition; restaurant hunting in the best city in the U.S.....Kansas City!

Hailey is so lucky to get to grow up as our city continues to grow and improve and I am so lucky to get to sit across from her and as we sip coffee and hear and her thoughts on life. It's pretty much the best thing a mom could ask for!

My hope is to inspire other moms to start traditions like this of their own. I realize that coffee shop hunting might not be for everyone, but I bet that every parent could find something special that they can share with their child; a walk, an activity you both share, movie nights...the list is endless!

This year's focus was on coffee and brunch.  Here goes our list with our reviews! You will see our ratings separately because we each have different life experiences that made our thoughts different. My job as a mom isn't to mold my child into a mini version of me, but to give her the confidence to be herself! I LOVE watching her become!


Ginger Sue'sLiberty, MO. This is a THE place to go for breakfast on the historic downtown square. Great pancakes, bacon and lattes! There is always a line for their good home cooking.

Laura: 4 stars because it's fattening and hard to say no to pancakes! But it really is very good!

Hailey: 5 stars because not only do they have great food, they have great coffee and it's close to home. It's comfortable.

Oddly Correct Coffee in Westport.... Their main business is supplying coffee to other cafes and restaurants.

Laura: 2 stars: Yes it's odd because when I ordered a $4 drip coffee they said that was fine but they don't have milk or sugar for it. And yet they make latte's?  It's a "hip" place but not really comfortable.

Jay: 4 stars

Hailey: 4 stars

Doughnut Lounge Westport

Laura 2 stars. I love doughnuts so it's hard to say no when you are there. The coffee cups are awful but it's still a somewhat fun place. They do serve alcohol too.

Jay: 4 stars. He said it was good but pricey

Roasterie Cafe: Brookside

We ended up at the Roasterie Cafe in Brookside because Bella Napoli and One More Cup (in Waldo) were both closed on Memorial Day. Oops!

Laura 2 stars. Boring, yuppie, young people. Just not that interesting.

Hailey 3 stars. It was yummy but boring.

Corner Restaurant: Westport

This morning my 19 year old son, Cameron, asked if he could go with us one of our adventures so I looked at my list and picked something it thought he would like. Corner Restaurant in Westport was a great pick! Both kids had eggs with mix-ins of cheeses/meats and their yummy has brown with a side of toast. I have the most magnificent BLT with egg ever! YUM! 

Laura: 5 stars

Hailey: 3 stars because they only had black coffee and no fru fru drinks. Food was good but not a huge variety.

Cameron: 4 stars

Chez Elle

Chez Elle is near Blue Bird Bistro and Westside Local and occupies the old Summit Theatre Building.  We love the location and the concept but you do have to order at the front and take a number which created a long line. We LOVED the crepes and the coffee was great as well! They had a lot of employees serving food and cleaning up, arranging tables etc... I think that if they used them as servers things might run more smoothly. 

Quay Coffee: City Market

I'm including Quay Coffee because we went there last summer and really liked it, but I went back this summer with my neice and although the atmosphere was like a library and the seating and lighting were nice, I was shocked at my $4.50 coffee. Sure it's all pretty when they make it their fancy way, but if I wanted fancy coffee I'd order a latte. That said, I did enjoy sitting outside and watching the streetcar!Laura: 3 stars because it was expensive and crowded with people  working on computers. But I liked the location and atmosphere.Hailey: 3 stars for the same reasons. 


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