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An "alluring" Article about SPOTLESS, Rodan +Fields Newest Acne Regimen Just for Teens!

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Only 30 hours after the launch of SPOTLESS, Rodan+Fields newest acne regimen for teens, Allure magazine printed this informational article describing the next generation of benzoyl peroxide, called BPO2 technology.

Here is the article link: https://www.allure.com/story/rodan-and-fields-spotless-acne-treatment-system

Full post:

"As the beauty industry shifts away from retouched ad images and unrealistic ideals of a so-called perfect complexion, it's time we stopped referring to acne as "flawed skin." In fact, we should probably retire our use of the word flaw when describing any skin condition. After all, we don't call cavities "flawed teeth" or vision that's less than 20/20 "flawed eyes" — we regard these issues as part of the normal course of our health. And when you consider that 85 percent of Americans experience acne between the ages of 12 and 24, it, too, is really just part of the collective human experience.

Of course, it's human nature to also want to look our best, which is why San Francisco dermatologists Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, cofounders of Rodan + Fields skin care, keep fighting the good fight to help us all achieve clear, radiant skin. Their mission famously began back in 1995 when they launched Proactiv, arguably the first comprehensive skin-care regimen to address breakouts. (Before its three-step system, most over-the-counter acne products were either spot treatments or astringent-soaked facial pads that sucked every last drop of moisture from your skin.)

Now, as Rodan + Fields reveal exclusively to Allure, it's once again reinventing the way we treat acne with Spotless, a new, two-step, patented-technology regimen. Using a combo of oxygen and liquefied benzoyl peroxide, it helps control acne in teens and young adults without the dryness and irritation you often get from traditional benzoyl peroxide. More good news: An update to the brand's popular Unblemish regimen for adult acne now includes additional soothing and brightening ingredients for the ultimate radiance boost.

But the big headliner is Spotless, which was born out of two key findings: the first being that young people today have a shorter attention span than they did back in 1995. "We learned from Proactiv that three steps is too many, especially for teens," says Rodan. "If you don't keep it simple, no one uses it."

The second finding took a little more research to uncover. Rodan + Fields examined how the microbiome — the bacterial colony that lives on skin's surface — plays a role in acne. "We used to think acne was caused by sticky oil plugging up skin's pores and the P. acnes bacteria — which causes breakouts and is naturally in everyone's microbiome — feeding off that plug and overpopulating," says Rodan. "Turns out, that's not the whole story."

Here's the newly discovered plot twist: When the microbiome is on your skin's surface, it's bathed in oxygen. But as it travels down into the pores where oxygen is scarce, the O2-starved P. acnes experience an Incredible Hulk type of transformation, shifting from harmless, mild-mannered bacteria into the angry, destructive kind that kill all the other bacteria around them. This haywire scenario triggers your body's inflammatory response — resulting in zits.

To put the brakes on this blemish-producing cycle, Rodan + Fields rejiggered a tried-and-true acne fighter: benzoyl peroxide. "We know it's the best treatment for killing acne bacteria and unclogging pores, but it's notoriously irritating," says Fields. "Plus, the typical crystal BP molecule has trouble penetrating past skin's surface down into the pores where it needs to be to do its job."

Spotless features the next generation of benzoyl peroxide. Called BPO2 technology and exclusive to Rodan + Fields, it's a stabilized, liquid form of benzoyl peroxide that travels past the microbiome deep into pores, causing less irritation and dryness while being a whole lot more effective. At the same time, oxygen — another antimicrobial — is whooshed into pores to stop the P. acnes from shifting into Hulk destructive mode. "This two-step approach accomplishes more than just traditional benzoyl peroxide alone," says Fields. "Getting oxygen down into the pores normalizes the microbiome there, which, in turn, stops the inflammatory response that leads to pimples.""

From Allure magazine,BY VICTORIA KIRBY

FEBRUARY 14, 2019

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